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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Here at BES Ltd we have developed range of air conditioning maintenance and service plans that cover any and all types of air conditioning systems and portable units.

The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning MaintenanceThe importance of air conditioning maintenance is often overlooked as something you will eventually get round to. However, by failing to have your system look after properly by trained and reputable engineers you are leaving yourself in a very precarious position.

An air conditioning maintenance plan with Building Environmental Solutions will ensure you are following the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer, we will also make sure you are F gas compliant. As with any technological equipment, there is the possibility of something going wrong, which usually happens at the most inopportune moments, but with BES Ltd taking care of the regular maintenance of your air conditioning the chance of a fault occurring in the first place is greatly reduced. Furthermore, your home or office air conditioning will remain in optimum condition and run much more economically and efficiently.  

Leading UK Air Conditioning Installers

As leading UK air conditioning installers BES Ltd will set up annual maintenance reminders for all clients having their air conditioning installation completed by us, as a matter of course. However, we are happy to hear from home owners and businesses that for whatever reason do not have an air conditioning maintenance contract in place. Our flexible approach means we are able to cater for almost any situation and any make of air conditioning, domestic, commercial or retail.

If your system has not been looked at for some time it may be wise to ensure that you have undergone an R22 gas replacement which is will bring you air conditioning up to date.

Call Building Environmental Solutions today on 01942 590 494 and make sure your future is a comfortable one.

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