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Oxford Brookes University Project

Oxford Brookes University

BES Limited has installed cutting-edge R32-based air conditioning technology from Daikin when Oxford Brookes University refurbished a 1960s building to house its School of Business. The Daikin R32 Split systems ensure temperature control all year round for the building’s server rooms so staff and students can work online without fear of interruption due to overheating when the network is under load.

Air Con Installation in Oxford Brookes University

The 9,000 square metre Clerici Building has undergone a £34 million upgrade as part of the university’s plan to modernise its facilities. The School of Business has been relocated from the Wheatley campus. The university sees itself as an early adopter of technology to give advanced performance and efficiency. The R32 systems use ‘greener’ refrigerants – which sets a good example in the community and gives the economic benefits of new technology.

The air conditioning system consists of condensing units mounted on the roof of the building which serves wall-mounted units in the communications rooms below. There are two on each floor and one in the adjoining Main Hall. A Daikin R32 Sky Air A-Series system has also been installed to serve a café area on the ground floor.

Lyndon Wilde, BES Limited’s Small Projects and Maintenance Manager, says: ”companies across the country are benefiting from our expertise as installers of air conditioning equipment. It ensures their server rooms, computer rooms and communication rooms have adequate cooling to protect expensive and delicate equipment.

R32 is similar to the widely used R410A refrigerant, but has a significantly lower global warming potential – 675 compared to 2088 – which is why it is an ideal choice.

For more information on the Oxford Brookes University project, download the case study here.

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