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Hotels & Restaurants Air Conditioning

The hospitality industry of Hotels, Restaurants and Bars is extremely competitive and the only way to succeed is to ensure that clients of these establishments or given all the comforts that they expect, this includes having a constant comfortable ambient temperature. the correct restaurants air conditioning is vital.

Hotels & Restaurants Air Conditioning Considerations

Air conditioning for hotels and restaurants is an essential part of maintaining the right atmosphere for guests to sleep, work and relax in. There are usually many areas within hotels and restaurants that have to be considered;

  • Restaurants Air ConditioningFirst there are customer and staffing areas, it is normal that staffing areas are a little cooler because of the physical activity that goes on behind the scenes. The system has to be easily controllable to accommodate this.
  • Leisure areas, many hotels now have gyms incorporated within the building and clients demand that workout areas have a quality atmosphere. If there is a pool area this too must be relaxing and comfortable.
  • Banqueting and conference areas are often the same place at different times of the day; so the workload of an air conditioning system has to be able to cope will the demands that this would entail.
  • Restaurants and Bars, whether for business or pleasure clients want a stress free zone where they can unwind or close the next big deal and the climate controls of a high quality air conditioning system will achieve this with ease.
  • Sleeping areas, because of the nature of individuals what is ok for one person will be different from another having an air conditioning set up that gives individual rooms separate controls is essential.

Energy Efficient Designing

BES Ltd air conditioning installers understand there are a number of types and sizes of air conditioning systems and units that are suited to different tasks; we would therefore, advise that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss your requirements. We will then be in a position to help you design the perfect energy efficient hotel and restaurant air conditioning system to suit your needs.

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